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Brushing kit FluidoPet for daily hair maintenance Prezzo di listino 60,35 Inc.IVAPrezzo in offerta 49,00 Inc.IVA

The Brushing kit includes a Show Tech oblong brush, a Show Tech comb with rotating teeth, FluidoPet 3 in 1 and FluidoPet OneDay

Easy Touch – Quick Groom conditioner suitable for all kinds of cats and dogs’ coats Prezzo di listino 11,50 Inc.IVA166,00 Inc.IVA

Easy Touch conditioner for dogs and cats with Coconut oil and Macadamia oil, nourishes and conditions all kinds of hair

Ecopet @2 Shampoo - Nourishing and Regenerating Prezzo di listino 12,50 Inc.IVA117,00 Inc.IVA

Ecopet @2 shampoo’s nourishing and regenerating action gives new health and strength to coat and skin. Its recipe based on Biotin, Keratin and Panthenol makes it suitable for long and delicate hair, but also for all the other kinds of coats and skins.

FluidoPet 3 in 1 - conditions, detangles, nourishes Prezzo di listino 19,00 Inc.IVA54,00 Inc.IVA

FluidoPet 3 in 1 is a beauty mask that does not require any rinsing, ideal for daily brushing of cats and dogs with or without tangles. Natural detangler conditioner


FluidoPet Evolution super nourishing mask for long haired dogs. Dog shows. No rinse. For maintenance. Maltese, Lhasa, Yorkshire, Coton de Tulear, Bichon Frisé

FluidoPet Evolution Plus is a precious hyper nourishing cream for the maintenance the hair of long coated cats and dogs - Show Line Prezzo di listino 56,00 Inc.IVA208,00 Inc.IVA

FluidoPet Evolution Plus is a precious hyper nourishing cream designed to maintain the hair of long coated cats and dogs with wraps. Ideal for competitions, shows and so on

FluidoPet Spray Ultra Strong - for difficult mats and tangles Prezzo di listino 16,50 Inc.IVA26,35 Inc.IVA

FluidoPet Spray Ultra Strong for cats, dogs and horses. It solves tangles and mats problems. Long or curly hair, it nourishes, regenerates and detangles

FluidoPet Super White whitening and concealing mask for white coated cats and dogs Prezzo di listino 34,70 Inc.IVA

FluidoPet Super White is a revolutionary whitening and luminescent mask suitable for all white coated cats and dogs. It is ideal to have a super white hair in a natural way

FluidoPet Ultra detangler cream with hyaluronic acid and shea butter Prezzo di listino 21,00 Inc.IVA55,90 Inc.IVA

FluidoPet Ultra with hyaluronic acid and shea butter disentangles the most difficult tangles and mats. It does not contain any silicones, oil-derived substances and parabens. 100% natural

Never Without It Kit - the complete line in big convenient sizes Prezzo di listino 238,43 Inc.IVAPrezzo in offerta 165,00 Inc.IVA

Never without it kit includes Ecopet @1 shampoo, Ecopet @2 shampoo, FluidoPet 3 in 1, Easy Touch conditioner, FluidoPet Ultra, FluidoPet Evolution mask and FluidoPet Six Oils. All in big convenient sizes.

Never Without It Petit Kit - a beautiful, healthy, soft and strong coat thanks to FluidoPet Prezzo di listino 154,80 Inc.IVAPrezzo in offerta 108,00 Inc.IVA

Never Without It Petit Kit includes nine essential products for the health and the beauty of our furry friends’ coats

Never Without It Ultra Line Kit with a free gift - Bye bye to tangles and mats thanks to FluidoPet Prezzo di listino 110,20 Inc.IVAPrezzo in offerta 74,00 Inc.IVA

Never Without It Ultra Line Kit includes the specific FluidoPet products for the daily care of the coat of our pets with tangles

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