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FluidoPet Summer Kit
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Eye and moustache maintenance kit allows you to always keep handy the necessary products for the hygiene of our beloved furry friends

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Eye and moustache maintenance kit allows you to always keep handy the necessary products for the hygiene of our beloved furry friends.

FluidoPet is synonymous with natural, good and healthy and this kit is no exception.

Cleaning our sweet pets’ eyes and snout is a daily activity necessary to keep away microbes, fungi and bacteria as well as the unesthetic red stains in the eyes and moustache areas.

The eyes and the mouth are sensitive and delicate and must be protected with care and attention.

Aggressive and synthetic products can seriously damage them and harm our companions’ health.

It is important to choose well the ones that, once applied, will be in contact with the eyes and the mouth of Fido and Felix.

Eye and moustache maintenance kit

was designed with the idea of gathering the best cosmetics from the FluidoPet natural line with some essential grooming tools for hygiene and prevention.

This kit includes


Eye and moustache maintenance kit is excellent for both professional groomers and those who love to take care of their beloved companions.


Let’s learn some more on the elements of this amazing natural kit:


FluidoPet Wonder Eyes

This colloidal silver spray for eyes is extremely effective for hygiene because it removes any bacteria and dirt.

Its antibacterial action has also a lightening effect on the treated areas.

It can kill most of bacteria, viruses and fungi.


Small Show Tech professional brush with 17 mm teeth

Its handle is made of wood. It is 12 cm long.

It is brilliant for beards and moustaches – puppies’ ones included – because its small size makes brushing easier.

Ideal for curly and straight coats, both long and short.


FluidoPet Magic White concealing powder

It conceals the hair shade in delicate areas such as the ones around the eyes and the mouth creating an even and natural shade.

Thanks to its formula, Magic White does not irritate the skin besides keeping bacteria and dirt away.

It also presents absorbent and matting properties.


FluidoPet Shiny White cream concealer

Thanks to its unique formula, it is an emollient concealer and easily absorbable, it is highly spreadable and gives a velvety feel.

Use it together with Magic White powder to whiten the unpleasant reddish stains under the eyes and on the whiskers with superb results.

The treated area will be homogenously white and not weighed down.


Eye and moustache maintenance kit is an original gift idea which will be surely appreciated.


100% Natural Product

CRUELTY FREE – FluidoPet Line products are not tested on animals.


A well groomed healthy and bright coat is a sign of love towards our sweet furry friends.