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FluidoPet Boom spray with pollen, horsetail and keratin is specific for those breeds whose curls have to be highlighted and maintained and for all the dogs whose hair needs to be fixed and be cut while finishing it

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https://www.fluidopet.com/?lang=enFluidoPet Boom spray is a specific product for our curly haired friends.

My research led me to consider the needs of those breeds whose curls have to be highlighted and maintained.

My personal and professional experience as wells as the help of some breeder friends contributed to create a spray that enhances and protects the beauty of this kind of hair.

Once again I chose the best from nature: pollen, horsetail and keratin.

Strength, nourishment, naturalness are just a few of the gifts offered by these wonders of Mother Earth.

FluidoPet Boom spray for curly hair

gives structure, vigour, brilliance and health to the coats of our beloved four legged friends.

Boom spray is especially designed for curly haired breeds like:

Bolognese – Kerry Blue Terrier – Lagotto Romagnolo – Bergamasco Shepherd – Portuguese Water Dog – etc.

These dogs’ hair is stunning but it is also not always easy to manage.

Boom helps fix hair in a non sticky and artificial way when you need to trim curly hair with scissors.

Thanks to its properties, it gives new life to brittle, weakened and dry curls.

It is also excellent for shows, exhibitions, competitions and so on.


FluidoPet Boom spray is available in 100 ml bottles.



Let’s learn some more on the properties of the ingredients of Boom:



It has been renowned and appreciated for thousands of years, this precious natural ally never stops to amaze us with its countless virtues.

Thanks to rutin it can effectively fight hair loss.

Pollen is a real cure-all that can strengthen and nourish brittle coats.



Horsetail presents a high concentration of mineral salts which have a remineralizing effect on the coat.

This precious plant actually strengthens hair, prevents its loss and stimulates its growth.

Horsetail is one of the most important sources of silicon, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

A silicon deficiency can cause hair weakness and brittleness.

Therefore, horsetail is essential in order to strengthen and nourish weakened and stressed coats.



Keratin is a protein found in the animal organism.

It is particularly concentrated in nails, in dental enamel and, mostly, in hair.

It gives hair brightness and strength.

Moreover, it thickens the coat while nourishing it and making it healthier and stronger.


100% Natural Product

CRUELTY FREE – FluidoPet Line products are not tested on animals


INCI: Aqua, Castor Oil 40 oe, Pollen extract, Equisetum Arvense extract, Keratin, Phenethyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Parfum



Spray Boom evenly all over the coat from a suitable distance.

Then comb the hair in order to model it or fix it.