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FluidoPet Summer Kit
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FluidoPet Flash spray lotion with lavender extract, apple vinegar, andiroba oil, tea tree oil and neem oil is an excellent ally against parasites that attack our beloved dog and cat friends

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FluidoPet Flash spray lotion is an excellent ally against parasites that attack our beloved dog and cat friends.

Spring and Summer are the time of the year when nature wakes up and temperatures are milder.

We are encouraged to go on walks and hikes with our furry friends to enjoy the open air with them.

Unfortunately, the beautiful season is also the time when the very unpleasant parasites renew their attack.

Mosquitoes, fleas, sand flies, ticks, flies, gnats, lice and so on.

I intended to create a spray lotion that would set our friends free from the annoying consequences of meeting these insects.

At the same time, I also wanted a lotion that would be a repellent, some kind of protective shield that would keep them away.

But it did not have to be a product whose ingredients would poison and harm our friends and the environment.

Once again, Mother Nature gave me the right solution.

FluidoPet Flash spray lotion

is the answer I was looking for.

Its recipe contains precious elements such as: Lavender extract, Apple vinegar, Andiroba oil, Tea Tree oil and Neem oil.

Together they keep unwanted guests away and at the same time they protect and hydrate the skin and the coat.

Particularly, the combined action of Tea Tree oil and Neem oil boosts their antiparasitic, antibacterial and disinfectant virtues.

Moreover, they have antibacterial, nourishing, soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, strengthening properties and still much more.

If used regularly, Flash will let us enjoy Spring and Summer with serenity along with our four-legged friends.

FluidoPet Flash lotion is available in 200 ml bottles.



INCI: Aqua, Polyglyceryl-3-Cethyl Ether Olivate/Succinate, Azadirachta Indica oil, Carapa Guaianensis fruit oil, Polysorbate 20, Pyrus Malus, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenethyl Alcohol, Melaleuca Alternifolia leaf oil, Lavandula Angustifolia herb oil, Limonene, Linalool.



100% Natural Product

CRUELTY FREE – FluidoPet Line products are not tested on animals



Our advice is to use FluidoPet Flash shampoo at least for the first wash


FluidoPet Flash antiparasitic repellent spray lotion – indispensable both in the grooming salon and at home.


Let’s learn some more on the ingredients which make Flash a unique product:



This very precious oil has countless virtues, among which that of being a strong repellent. In fact, when paired with Lavender extract and Andiroba oil, it is very powerful against parasites like fleas and ticks.

It is also great to repel the attack of mosquitoes, lice, flies and gnats.

Furthermore, Neem oil has also antibacterial, nourishing, soothing and softening qualities because it is rich with oleic acid.



Contains a high percentage of oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, linoleic acid, miliacins and limonoids.

They provide Andiroba oil with insect-repellent, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing, protective, healing and analgesic properties.

It is soothing in case of insect stings, it regenerates inflamed tissues.

It strengthens and revive stressed and weakened coats.


Flash is an undefeatable shield against parasites.



Besides its many virtues, Lavender has cleansing, antibacterial and healing properties.

It alleviates itch and insect stings easily.

Lavender gives relief in case of insect stings, solar erythema and irritations.



It is a particularly effective antiparasitic because it fights against fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Apple vinegar is rich with acetic acid which is a powerful repellent against fleas and ticks.

It also presents some powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and hydrating properties which help eliminate bacteria and infections as well as balancing dog’s body pH level.

It is an ideal remedy for skin dryness and prevents irritations and infections.

Strengthens hair improving its health and giving it brilliance.



It is an extremely powerful antiparasitic which eliminates parasitic infestations.

It is also a remarkable antiseptic and anti-fungal substance.

Thanks to its healing properties, it helps the skin greatly in case of bites.

Its bactericidal action prevents topical infections.

It can alleviate and give relief in case of pan, swelling, and itch since it is an anti-inflammatory.


Flash spray lotion – useful, effective, natural and safe, the winning answer against parasites.




Spray Flash on the coat twice a day avoiding the eyes area.

Leave it on without rinsing.

It is advisable to use it along with FluidoPet Flash shampoo to cleanse the hair.

Shake well before use.