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FluidoPet OneDay Spray
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FluidoPet Oto for dogs and cats with Helichrysum oil and Lavender cleans and disinfects the ear canal of cats and dogs in an effective and gentle way – 100% natural

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FluidoPet Oto for cats and dogs with Helichrysum and Lavender oils is a high quality product that protects the health and the hygiene of our beloved friends.

The ear of our companions dogs and cats is a very complex, sensitive and delicate structure.

Therefore it deserves constant care and attention in order to avoid the annoying accumulation of earwax and dirt.

Poor ear hygiene facilitates infections which can be very painful to our dear four legged friends.

FluidoPet Oto


cleans and disinfects the ear canal of cats and dogs in an effective and gentle way.

Its 100% natural formula includes Lavender and Helichrysum oils which have remarkable anti-inflammatory, astringent and decongestant properties.

In addition, this precious help for health and hygiene is further enriched by:

  • Sunflower oil: emollient and hydrating;
  • Chamomile extract: soothing and anti-inflammatory;
  • Linden extract: sedative and antispasmodic:
  • Olive oil: anti-inflammatory.


Regular use keeps ears clean and healthy besides preventing irritations, inflammations, infections and other ailments.


Just before you wash your pet, apply FluidoPet Oto in the auricle of our furry friends in order to prevent water from infiltrating and to protect the most delicate parts of the ear.


FluidoPet Oto is available in 50 ml bottles.



helyanthus annuus seed oil, olea europaea fruit oil, camomilla matricaria flower extract, tilia tomentosa flower extract, helichrysum italicum flower extract, lavanda angustifolia herb oil.



100% Natural Product

CRUELTY FREE – FluidoPet Line products are not tested on animals




Put some drops into the ear and then massage the auricle from below clockwise for about 30 seconds.

Thoroughly clean with cotton wool.

Use daily in case of earwax.

Use once or twice a week for prevention and cleanliness.