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FluidoPet Style Gel
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FluidoPet Silk Coat natural antistatic spray with collagen and keratin gives thickness and reduces the electrostatic charge in the coat of cats and dogs

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FluidoPet Silk Coat Antistatic Spray is designed to enhance and protect the beauty and the health of our beloved dogs and cats in situations such as competitions.

The FluidoPet line was created with the goal of achieving an aesthetic result as well as continually improving the health of the coat.

Silk Coat Antistatic is a blend of quality and professionalism.

It is important to use products that not only meet our requirements but also respect the balance of skin and hair in the event of an exhibition or of a grooming competition.

The careful choice of ingredients is what makes FluidoPet a one of a kind line.

The recipe of Silk Coat includes Collagen and Keratin, two real treasures for the health and the vitality of the coat.

Collagen is a protein with a great hair strengthening power.

Keratin is a protein which gives elasticity and strength to the hair of our dear companions.

Besides these two elements, there are some specific ingredients that provide the coat with the appropriate structure.

Composed by negative ions,

FluidoPet Silk Coat Antistatic Spray


gives thickness and reduces the electrostatic charge in the coat of cats and dogs.

It is ideal as the finishing touch in the event of shows, exhibitions and every time we want to.

The annoying and unpleasant electrostatic effect will be a thing of the past.

FluidoPet Silk Coat Antistatic Spray is available in 100 ml bottles.


INCI: aqua, dipalmitoylethyl dimonium chloride (and) lauryl alcohol (and) myristyl alcohol (and) glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, caprylil/capric triglyceride, hydrolyzed collagen, keratin.


100% Natural Product

CRUELTY FREE – FluidoPet Line products are not tested on animals




Spray from a distance of about 40 centimetres 10 minutes before the show and during blow drying.