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FluidoPet Summer Kit
FLUIDOPET SUMMER KIT - A SAFE SUMMER FOR OUR PETS Prezzo di listino 87,20 Inc.IVAPrezzo in offerta 53,10 Inc.IVA
Kit Mai Più Senza Ultra Line Never Without It Ultra Line
Never Without It Ultra Line Kit with a free gift - Bye bye to tangles and mats thanks to FluidoPet Prezzo di listino 110,20 Inc.IVAPrezzo in offerta 74,00 Inc.IVA

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FluidoPet Volume Kit includes 1 Ecopet @3 shampoo, 1 Puff mask and 1 Puff spray. Ideal for dogs and cats with voluminous hair

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FluidoPet Volume Kit includes the ideal products for the daily care of the coat of our sweet four legged companions with a voluminous and curly coat.

This kit consists of four essential instruments for the health, the strength and the beauty of our furry friends’ coats:


FluidoPet Volume Kit

is excellent for both professional groomers and those who love to take care of their beloved companions as well as having a flawless and professional voluminous coat.

The line dedicated to voluminous and curly coats combines an excellent aesthetic result with the nourishment of the keratin structure of hair.

Let’s learn some more on the elements of this amazing natural quartet:

  • Ecopet @3 shampoo specific for dogs and cats with voluminous, curly, wiry and thick hair. Besides cleansing the coat in a delicate and effective way, it helps the action of Boom and Puff masks. Its formula with keratin and silicon – extracted from Bamboo and Horsetail –gives the coat thickness, compactness and elasticity. Thanks to its vegetable surfactants like Coconut it cleanses gently and respects both the skin and the coat. It is a delicate shampoo suitable to all the breeds in the group 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, such kinds of hair need volume and thickness..
FluidoPet Volume kit includes vegetable preservatives such as Rose


  • Puff is a structuring and volumizing mask that gives coats a puffed and full-bodied look. Its recipe includes: Oat Proteins, Keratin, Horsetail, Pollen Extract. Oat Proteins are very important because of their film-coating, protecting, conditioning and nourishing properties. They are also rich with vitamin B and stimulate skin renewal. It is specifically studied to make the hair stronger and more compact as well as nourishing it at the same time.
  • Puff spray is a structuring and volumizing cosmetic which gives hair volume, elasticity and structure but it does not weigh hair down. Its natural recipe is specifically studied to give the coat strength, nourishment and compactness. Its formula includes: Oat Proteins, Keratin, Horsetail and Pollen Extract. It gives the coat body and sheen and makes it stronger and healthier from roots to ends.
  • Boom spray is a specific natural product for our curly haired friends. Its recipe includes some precious ingredients such as Pollen, Horsetail and Keratin. Strength, nourishment, naturalness are just a few of the gifts offered by these wonders of Mother Earth. Boom spray for curly hair gives structure, vigour, brilliance and health to the coats of our beloved four legged friends. It is excellent to fix hair in a non sticky and artificial way when you need to trim curly hair with scissors. Thanks to its properties, it gives new life to brittle, weakened and dry curls.


Volume Kit is particularly recommended for dog and cat breeds like: Poodle – Bolognese – Bichon Frisé – Fox Terrier – Kerry Blue Terrier – Lagotto – Persian Cat – Spitz


FluidoPet presents this indispensable kit with an amazing discounted price – it would be a pity not to seize such an opportunity!

FluidoPet Volume Kit is an original gift idea which will be surely appreciated.

A well groomed healthy and bright coat is a sign of love towards our sweet furry friends


100% Natural Product

CRUELTY FREE – FluidoPet Line products are not tested on animals