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@3 Shampoo FluidoPet with bamboo extract and keratin ideal to volumize and structure curly, wiry and spitz-like hair, with coconut surfactants

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Ecopet @3 Shampoo

Volumizing for curly and wiry hair and for Spitz-like hair


Fluidopet @3 Shampoo is designed to thicken the coat giving it volume and body.

The formula of @3 Shampoo includes natural surfactants therefore it is an effective and delicate shampoo at the same time.

The phytocomplex extracted from the Bamboo and Horsetail plants – both rich with silicon – makes this shampoo particularly suited for those coats which need structure and body.

Its formula is enriched by a patented combination of rice proteins, hyaluronic acid and keratin – which makes the hair stronger and repaired with each bath.

@3 Shampoo

is especially recommended for breeds like:

Poodle – Bolognese – Spitz – Bichon Frisé – Northern Breeds


Ecopet @3 is available in 250 ml, 1000 ml and 5000 ml bottles.


Let’s learn some more on the virtues of some ingredients of @3:



It strengthens the coat and stops hair loss.

It is rich with silicon, a detoxifying mineral that helps hair growth.

In addition it is a sebum-regulator and guarantees the hydrolipidic balance of skin.

Bamboo also contains zinc, selenium, copper and some fundamental amino acids that stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss.



Horsetail presents a high concentration of mineral salts which have a remineralizing effect on the coat.

This precious plant actually strengthens hair, prevents its loss and stimulates its growth.

Horsetail is one of the most important sources of silicon, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

A silicon deficiency can cause hair weakness and brittleness.

Therefore, horsetail is essential in order to strengthen and nourish weakened and stressed coats.



100% Natural Product

CRUELTY FREE – FluidoPet Line products are not tested on animals




Mix in lukewarm water with a dilution ratio of 1:10, namely one part of shampoo and ten parts of water.





Sodium cocoyl sarcosinate

Sodium lauroyl glutamate

Cocamidopropyl betaine

Malva silvestris extract


Equisetum arvense extract


Hydrolyzed glycosamynoglycans

Hydrolyzed oat protein

Sodium hyaluronate

Hydrolyzed rice protein

Hyaluronic acid


Tocopheryl acetate

Lactic acid

Xanthan gum

Caprylyl glycol

Phenethyl alcohol